After much searching, several months, to find a company capable of, and prepared to undertake a painstakingly, difficult and tedious task I stumbled across (by way of recommendation) Oliver Fink, proprietor of Knight Dive.


All before had looked at the task of rebuilding/repairing and replacing the understructure of Noosa's Boathouse Floating Restaurant and all had shied away from the task……too difficult, as the three storey floating structure could not be taken out of the water. Oliver Fink looked at the job, scratched his head, and said "I can do this for you”. 


With a minimum of fuss, and speedily, Oliver and his dive team were underneath squeezing into underwater nooks and crannies where most would fear to tread. Oliver’s team scrapped, painted, epoxied, dismantled and removed cantilevered arms and brackets. 


Oliver also organised a first class engineering team to set up an onshore works factory for the engineering and rebuilding and replacement of the steel brackets (weighing up to 200 kgs) as required. The job was extremely tedious and much patience was required as the project took 5 months working 5 days week from commencement to completion

Oliver, his team, and the engineers, maintained their sense of humour throughout, never flinched from the difficulty of the task and demonstrated a diligence and attitude to the job second to none.


Fantastic and much appreciated effort……..thanks  … P"

Peter Thynne, Proprietor - Boathouse Floating Restaurant Noosaville

Knight Dive’s professional, safe and transparent approach makes them the preferred choice for when it comes to selecting a commercial diving operator. Knight Dive completes projects to agreed time-frames and budgets, and we have enjoyed working with Knight Dive on a variety of projects and would highly recommend their services to any prospective clients.

The team work and customer focus truly sets Knight Dive apart.

Dane Morris, Operations Manager - The Jetty Specialists

Knight Dive provide a professional and no fuss service within very reasonable time-frames. Safety is a priority and they have a wide range of services.

Sunshine Coast Council